Friday, May 20, 2011

Sunbeam Electric Blankets Warming Automatic Cheap On Sale Heated Fleece

Sunbeam Electric Blanket Camelot Dreams SC7 Heated

Sunbeam  Electric Blanket Camelot Dreams SC7 Heated

When I first read the reviews I was a bit weary of buying this, but I decided to give to buy this product anyway and I'm glad I did. I have used many blankets from Sunbeam the past few years and this blanket is one of the best ones I have bought from them. I use the blanket to warm up my bed and sometimes as a mattress cover. It serves both purposes very well. I bought the cranberry version online and an oregano one at walmart. The price offered for this blanket on Amazon is really good compared to the stores. I also got a discount from buying online so I saved even more money.

Now back to the quality of this blanket. One side is herringbone and the other side is fleece. When I washed this blanket I didn't see any shedding or snags afterwards. I think as long as you take decent care of the blanket it should be fine. I'm not sure about the other people that reviewed this item, but mines came in working fine. I've had them since december, so far so good. My only gripe would be the controller, I don't think the coverplate options are really necessary and sometimes the controller dial might moves by mistake. However, I love the preheat and warming options for this controller. The back light that comes up every time you use the control is also very useful. The blanket warms to your body at the touch, so it adjusts to where you are sleeping. You can use half of the blanket and that part will be warmer then the others. I like this feature because the blanket doesn't become overheated or too hot. You can also use the blanket year round because the heat isn't too overwhelming, its just right.

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I have purchased a few of these sunbeam blankets now and like to give them as holiday and birthday gifts to my family during the winter. This one I just sent to my cousin in Maryland.

It started when I had family over and gave them a demo of one I had. The prices for these sunbeam models are very reasonable and every time I give one as a present they rave about it.

This one has a cool pattern and a nice looking controller that is digital. Blankets don't feel hot to the touch so it can seem like it isn't working at first but once you wrap yourself up it gets really toasty. I like to turn it out about 15 minutes before I go to bed.
Definitely recommend.

The RoadPro 58" travel blanket is a nice luxury riding in cold climates.

The RoadPro 58" travel blanket is a nice luxury riding in cold climates. The blanket is very soft and quite warm even when it is not plugged in. Once the blanket is turned on it provides a nice warmth throughout -without any noticeable hot spots. In general the blanket can provide warmth without feeling too "hot".

Areas that we enjoy-

- Soft fabric - not at all scratchy.
- Relatively large
- Works great!
- Not too expensive
- Easily plugs into your car's outlet
- Takes about 5 minutes to achieve maximum warmth.

Areas for improvement

- While the blue fabric is a slip-cover it can not be removed. It would be great if it could be machine washed since the blanket will often exposed to snow/slush/salt from the your shoes.
- One temperature - the heating elements are not adjustable
- If you leave the travel blanket plugged in when the engine is off IT WILL DRAIN YOUR BATTERY! Be very careful, especially since car batteries are already less efficient in cold weather.
- No plug in for home use - the travel blanket can only be plugged into a 12V DC plug. There are ways that you can get around this but they do not come standard with the travel blanket.

Looking at the review it appears that there are many more negatives than positives, however the negatives are relatively minor. The final verdict is that it is soft and works very well to help keep you warm.

4 1/2 stars
Buy with confidence!

Customer 2

I got one of these for Christmas from my sister. I came back to buy 2 more. They are a real asset in the cold Minnesota winters. I have used it for long trips and shorter trips and have had several people use it when we went out as a group. It is so nice. I would love it to have multiple settings for the heat but it is just toasty warm and that is fine. After getting in an ice cold vehicle this heats up quickly and takes the chill off. I used it when I had a terrible cold and it really helped keep me warm during the trip.

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